Let’s get it on!

Posted: March 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Okay….let me take a first shot at this. I’ve heard about blogs and wanted to create one for myself. Finally, I’ve found time this afternoon to visit WordPress.com and create one.

I’m an avid mountain biker who would ride the bike whenever there’s an opportunity to hit the trails or hit the road. Ahhh yes! Cross country biking. Mixture of paved roads and dirt. Had my first bike when I was in the elementary and continued riding during high school days and during some of my college. The mountain biking bug bit me again last 2008 and been riding my bike during weekends with regular riding buddies.

I’ll be posting pictures from rides often in this blog and talk about the places me and my buddies go to.


The header picture is a photo I took during my recent trip to Boracay. Oh! Yes! I love going to the beach. I’ll also share with you all my past and recent adventures in the outdoors mostly the beach.

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