Driver’s License Renewal

Posted: March 25, 2011 in adventure

The year 2011 marks the year when I’ll be renewing my driver’s license. This would mean a trip to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Pasig City. I chose this satellite office of the LTO since not so many people frequent the site.

Step 1. Surrender the driver’s license for renewal. The LTO clerk will issue an application form to be filled up.

I got the application form. LTO had lined up several armchairs to be used when one has to fill up the form. Three years back, when I had my license renewed, there were pens. This year, there were no pens in sight. I had to go back to the car and get a pen. So, there I was taking my time filling up the form. (Lesson learned: ALWAYS bring a pen when visiting a government agency)

Step 2. Drug test

Fill up another form for the drug test. After filling up the form, the person behind the counter hands me an empty plastic bottle for the urine sample. (Okay, time to urinate!). I then submitted the sealed plastic bottle for testing. I then proceeded to the next table where the “doctor” is. Doc got my bp (110/90). After the bp, now comes the eye test. Cover the right eye and read what’s on the board. (simple, huh?).

Eye examination over. Went back to the table where the doctor is. I saw him placing check marks on the form I filled up. He hands me the form with his remarks…”Fit to drive!” Oh! By the way, this express medical exam inclusive of the drug test cost me Php400!

Biometrics and picture taking followed.

Step 3. Picture taking and signature for the license.

I patiently waited for my name to be called. After 15 minutes or so, I was called to have my picture taken again.

Step 4. License Evaluator

Almost done. I had to wait for another 10 minutes. Again, my name was called. I now proceeded to window 2. The old guy behind the counter informed me that I had an outstanding ticket to be paid at the main office of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) located in Makati.

At this point, I was puzzled. I do not remember any apprehensions made by the MMDA in the past years. I was telling myself that it might be just a computer glitch. I had no choice but to holla ass to the MMDA at Orense in Makati.

Trip to MMDA takes place……

When I got to MMDA, I proceeded to getting my clearance for the “outstanding ticket”.

Step 1. (MMDA) – Pay Php30 for the clearance application

The lady behind the desk had this grumpy voice (probably because she’s used to talking to jeepney and bus drivers) and asked me to have the license photocopied. Had to go out of the room and cross the street to for the photocopy.

Lined up to pay for the clearance application.

Step 2 MMDA. Apprehension Verification

After paying for the clearance application. I had to wait (again) for my name to be called at Window 10. It was a 30-minute wait. Alas! I heard…”Tiongco, Ryan”. When I approached the window, the person showed me a Traffic Violation Receipt (TVR) dated October 9, 1999. Now, I remembered this ticket!!!! After 12 long years, it showed up.

Reckless Driving

Okay…okay…….an outstanding RECKLESS DRIVING violation ! A Php500 PENALTY.

Here’s the story……

One fine Saturday of 10/9/1999, I went to Monumento in Caloocan City with my ex. I was driving her car back then. Coming from the northbound lane of EDSA we ended up in Monumento and had to make a right turn on Rizal Ave. Unfamiliar with the place, I kinda hesitated turning right but made the right turn anyways. From out of nowhere, SPO3 shows up like he came out of  a portal or has switched off his “invisible mode” on his utility belt….. I was asked to pullover, so I did. Rolled down the window and greeted Mr. SPO3. He said that I disregarded a NO RIGHT TURN sign. I told him that I never saw a sign that said NO RIGHT TURN. Besides, there were cars, public utility jeepneys on my right while I was making a right turn. The vehilces on my right also made a right turn on the direction I was heading. He never  bought the excuse and then gave me another violation that I disregarded a police officer. I then told him that I didn’t even see you. (Obivously, this guy wanted to get some cash out of me!). SPO3 asked for my license. To keep the argument short, I handed him the license. He walked away from the car and went to his motorcycle where his ticket book was. I was looking at him at my side mirror and the rear view mirror of the car. He was just there standing holding the ticket book. After a few minutes, he walked back to the car and told me to step out of the car. I told him that only those with criminal offense should step out of their vehicle. The driver of the apprehended vehicle shouldn’t step down of the car when apprehended by a police officer. SPO3 walked back to his motorcycle and waited for me to go down. Again, he was ignoring my statements.

SPO3 started walking back to the car. He said that he’ll start to write me a ticket (as if he’s threatening me already and he was just waiting for me to offer something that would make him forget that he saw me making the right turn). I told him, go ahead and write me the ticket coz we are in a hurry. The ticket was issued. I signed for it BUT I never claimed my license back in Caloocan. What I did was apply for a new driver’s license and declared my driver’s license lost. Little did I know that it would hound me back after 12 long years. The rest is history.

Going back to the MMDA, the person in Window 10 asked me if I was going to pay the Php500 penalty. I clearly said YES. He then gave me a number “34-C” and instructed me to proceed to the next room where Window 13 was and wait for my number to be called.

Window 13. I sat down on the waiting area and patiently waited for my number to be called. While waiting I saw these two LCD flat screen TVs mounted on the wall. They were showing videos from Just For Laughs tv and crazy Japanese videos one can find easily on YouTube. Everyone waiting was laughing. I really find this amusing and it lightens up the mood of the crowd. Thumbs up for MMDA for this move!

My number, 34-C was flashing on the wall. Alrighty! It’s my turn. I paid Php500 to get the outstanding ticket cleared off my name. After paying, I was asked to go back to the seat and wait for my name to be called. At this point, everyone was jolly. Smiles and laughter all over the room.

Alas! My name was called and the Certificate of Clearance was issued. I can now proceed to LTO!

The following day, I headed back to the Land Transportation Office in Pasig to continue to continue with the renewal.

I’m now on Step 5. Pay the License Fee and the computer fee.

Fees paid. (almost there!!! almost done! weee!)

Step 6. Release of License

Yeeeeehaaaaaaa! My license is released.


This year’s driver’s license renewal proved to be very very exciting. Whew!!!!!!

SEE YOU IN 2014 LTO!!!!!

  1. edwin says:

    nice story bro 🙂

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