Willing Willie….nawily with Jan-jan

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Much has been said these past few days of what happened during the March 12, 2011 episode of Willing Willie aired over TV5. For those who didn’t catch the episode or not really a Willy Revillame fan, here’s the link to the controversial portion of the show….

After the said episode, Facebook, Twitter was flooded by numerous reactions from everyone.

By Agot Isidro on Twitter (http://tmi.me/8dBpA)

“Just saw the video of JanJan. Exploiting kids to cover up for your lack of talent. Willie, pag nagka-anak ka, pagawa mo sa kanya yan ha. Bad part is, I’m sure he won’t mind, in exchange for more moolah to buy his fancy cars.”

“I’m sure naabutan din ang parents ni Janjan for showing up. I agree, they are to be blamed too. But Willie is the ringleader. It wouldn’t hv come this far & this bad if he exercised a little decency.” (http://tmi.me/8dDWO)

a.k.a. 5uperfan
iammerlyn a.k.a. 5uperfan
http://tmi.me/8dBpA and http://tmi.me/8dDWO → The controversial tweets of Miss Agot Isidro. #TeamAgot! 🙂


Letter to MVP  – Re-blogged from Noemi Lardizabal-Dado



The letter to Manny V. Pangilininan (MVP) really struck most of the people who read it hence more reaction on the social networking sites. After the letter was published, Willy V. had to explain their side of the story. The child jan-jan, together with his parents and a younger sibling appeared on the show…..



Everyone can expect more reactions from the ever popular Facebook & Twitter after this so-called “explanation“. Hmmm….wondering if people did believe the “explanation” aired over primetime.





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