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NIKON D5100 Photo Contest

Posted: May 28, 2011 in adventure, Photos

My bestfriend, Ian ( asked a favor from me and his friends to “LIKE” his photo entry at the NIKON D5100 Photo Contest microsite. So, I DID. He also encouraged me to join the contest so I immediately checked my recent shots stored in my photo library and submitted a few entries.

One has to upload an entry. Once the photo has been approved, one can view the entry at the Nikon D5100 microsite. It took quite sometime to have my entries approved. At first, I thought it wasn’t going to make it. When I opened up my email this morning, I got some mails saying that the entries I submitted was approved and now eligible for people to “LIKE”.

Just to share with you, you may click on the following link to see & LIKE my entries.




Most people would associate rain with sadness. This morning, it was an awesome ride in the rain.

6:18am….my ride buddy Zaldy ( and I took off en route to our usual mountain bike playground Monterey Hills. Skies were gray and it seems that there was a very little chance that the sun would show up. It took us 34 minutes to reach the top. We were 4 minutes OFF our usual pace. It’s probably because we were talking too much while pedaling to the top. Zaldy was also too busy during this month and we didn’t get to ride together. So I guess this was time to catch up on stories. ha! ha! ha!

Midway to the top, the sun did shine but very briefly. When we reached the top, the skies were darker. From where we parked, we could see the skyline disappear little by little. It started to rain. By this time, we decided to head down to lower grounds and go home. We were riding in the rain!

Raindrops were smashing on our faces at 41kph. By the time we got home, we were soaking wet. Zaldy headed off to his house (which was around 2kms. away from my place). I dunno what’s with riding in the rain but its one of the best feeling when riding a bike. (for me, that is)

Soaking wet as I am, I cleaned my bike, dried it up, and parked it. Took a quick shower.

Now time to cook breakfast. Everyone at home was still sleeping. (Probably awake but too lazy to get up because its a weekend plus the fact that it’s bed weather). Brewed some coffee, cooked fried rice, longganisa, and macaroni soup. Ahhhh yes! nothing like a good breakfast to cap off the early morning ride in the rain.