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The Taxi Queue

So Marcos Highway in Marikina has been newly rehabilitated. Sidewalk improvements…check! Bike lanes…check!

Upon seeing this pic this morning made me wonder….why are taxi cabs using the bike lanes as their taxi queue? Again, it’s another classic example of these public utility vehicle drivers ignoring the sign.

I am keeping my hopes alive that the City government of Marikina will do something about this.

**Special thanks to JM Abania for sharing this photo**

Fees for owning a bike? For what?

I see no bike lanes in the City of Pasay. I am just wondering why is the city government charging its citizens a fee for owning a bike.

**Special thanks to Danny Andag for sharing this photo**


Watch Ad in Luneta

This is such an eye sore especially today, June 19, is Jose Rizal’s birthday. Why in the world they allowed such ad to be placed in front of the statue? This is a blatant display of disrespect to our national hero. Whoever picked the spot might have forgotten a thing or two about nationalism.

Special thanks to Jamela Alindogan for posting this on Facebook. ( I share your sentiments ma’am. This is just too annoying.