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Last Sunday, I had a chance to catch up with my good friend chef and the duathlete Joel. Had a couple of buckets of beer over at one of our usual hangouts in Katipunan, The Meatshop. It was several months ago since we last had our “bucket(s) moment”. We both like eating out and more often than not, we always share to each other the latest restos or food adventure that one has been to. His latest update…..this little resto in Camia Street across the Rockwell complex in Makati.

Here’s a link to the map to give you an idea where it is……



Last Monday, me and the team decided to have lunch at the place. Try something new so to speak.


Camia Street is easy to find. From Hidalgo Drive, Rockwell, cross the intersection of Estrella and you’re already in Gumamela Street. Camia would be the next intersection. Upon reaching that intersection, you have to turn left. The resto doesn’t have a sign. You’ll just notice it because you’d see people coming in and out of a glass door behind a cream gate. Parking at the place is a real challenge since its just a street side parking. Careful of grumpy neighbors who act as if they bought a part of the street!!! ha! ha!


So there it was, table for five. The place was kinda packed with people. (“Kinda” packed because it was already past 1pm when we got there. Lunch time for most people is finished). Most of the guests were…….


You said it! Chinese.


I guess the resto is frequented by the Chinese because of the food’s authentic Schezuan taste.


One of the dishes we ordered was this…….



Steamed Fish Head. It was fantastic! (Just a little backgrounder, I love eating fish heads.) It’s a very spicy dish. I’m used to eating spicy dishes but this one was one for the books. Made me sweat while eating. A Php20 all-you-can-eat rice would go side by side with this dish. We also got pig’s ears that was cooked stir-fry with nuts and sauce and another dish was tofu with veggies & pork. One of the best lunch I had in Makati.

Thank you Chef/Duathlete Joel for sharing the location to me!!!!

To “the team”, kain tayo ulit!!! ha! ha! ha! ha!





*I’ve observed that Chinese/Chinoy guests in the resto are given brown chopsticks while ordinary folks like me were given ordinary chopsticks. Hmmmm…….just curious. 





Most people would associate rain with sadness. This morning, it was an awesome ride in the rain.

6:18am….my ride buddy Zaldy ( and I took off en route to our usual mountain bike playground Monterey Hills. Skies were gray and it seems that there was a very little chance that the sun would show up. It took us 34 minutes to reach the top. We were 4 minutes OFF our usual pace. It’s probably because we were talking too much while pedaling to the top. Zaldy was also too busy during this month and we didn’t get to ride together. So I guess this was time to catch up on stories. ha! ha! ha!

Midway to the top, the sun did shine but very briefly. When we reached the top, the skies were darker. From where we parked, we could see the skyline disappear little by little. It started to rain. By this time, we decided to head down to lower grounds and go home. We were riding in the rain!

Raindrops were smashing on our faces at 41kph. By the time we got home, we were soaking wet. Zaldy headed off to his house (which was around 2kms. away from my place). I dunno what’s with riding in the rain but its one of the best feeling when riding a bike. (for me, that is)

Soaking wet as I am, I cleaned my bike, dried it up, and parked it. Took a quick shower.

Now time to cook breakfast. Everyone at home was still sleeping. (Probably awake but too lazy to get up because its a weekend plus the fact that it’s bed weather). Brewed some coffee, cooked fried rice, longganisa, and macaroni soup. Ahhhh yes! nothing like a good breakfast to cap off the early morning ride in the rain.

It was exactly a week ago when the team went to Nagsasa Cove at Zambales. What’s there to enjoy? The sun, the beach, the sand, the crystal clear water, and of course………


*Forgot to take a picture of the french fries, chicken & pork adobo. 😦

Hats off to the chefs who worked as a team to prepare the food for everyone!!!

Banchetto….hmmmm……..something new to your ears? Wait ’till it awakens your taste buds! Banchetto is the “roadside food fiesta” (as the official Multiply account of Banchetto would say it.) It boasts of stalls having a wide range of food choices catering mostly to call center and/or BPO people who works during the “odd hours”.

Banchetto starts in the evening (either 8:30pm or midnight, depends on the location actually) and would end the morning the following day. It was a feast!!!!

I visited the Banchetto over at Pioneer street located at the delivery bay area of Robinson’s Cybergate Center in Mandaluyong. “Cybergate” as commonly called, houses several BPOs which obviously is at its peak during night time. Employees would flock down to the area to experience this wide array of food choices.

Parking is definitely a problem since the food fiesta was at the delivery bay (or an open parking lot). Passersby like me, have to park on the roadside ignoring the NO PARKING signs that are situated on the sidewalks of the complex. On regular nights, when Banchetto doesn’t happen, security guards would be very strict regarding parking on the sidewalks. Anyways, I got lucky last night. I was able to find a decent parking spot!!! This was a signal for me to park and to visit the Banchetto. I was able to take a few shots again, using my handy Nokia mobile phone.

Amidst all the food choices, I decided to check out and try the Vigan Empanada. Really enjoyed this. I ordered the Double Special. Double Special is shredded papaya, fresh egg, and two pieces of Vigan Longganisa wrapped in this rice wrapper and cooked deep fried. It was sooooooo soooooooooooooooooooo good! Freshly cooked. Crunchy on the outside and mouthwatering explosion of the longganisa flavor in the inside. Oh! The empanada should be eaten with the “Sukang Ilocos”. Reminded me of the time me and my buddies went for an Ilocandia tour way back in 2008.

I’ll definitely re-visit this stall when I have a chance to go to another Banchetto.

For more details on the Banchetto, you can check out their Multiply page by clicking the link below:

**Saw a group of six “night riders” (bikers doing a night ride). I just didn’t have the chance to snap a photo of the group. If I were them, I’d stop by the food fiesta. hahahaa!