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A few weeks before June 5, 2011, I got invited to join a charity ride by GT-MTB ( The charity ride was made possible through the initiative of a good friend Boc Villamor. Since its the “Back-to-School” time for students, the riders of GT-MTB brought bags containing school supplies to be distributed in Sitio Aris, San Mateo Rizal.

Meet up was at the Timberland trailhead. Unlike most of the riders who joined the activity, I didn’t drive to the designated parking for mountain bike riders at Timberland. It is my usual practice to ride my bike from our house up to the trails whenever there’s a ride. Usual “padyak-all-the-way” buddies were unavailable at the said date. This meant only one thing……I’ll be riding alone up to the trailhead. So I did.

Rode off past 7am. There was an annoying clicking sound when I rolled off . At first, I thought it was a loose spoke. I stopped. Checked the rear wheel, everything was fine. Started pedaling again. The clicking sound was still present. I stopped again. Checked the rear wheel. Lifted the bike. Made the wheel spin. No sound heard. Everything’s a-ok.

Now where in the world is the clicking sound coming from? I rode off again. Again, there was that noise. I almost arrived at the decision to turn back and not to join the ride due to technical problems with the bike. I checked the front wheel and found the culprit. The cyclocomputer magnet was rubbing against its sensor. Must’ve accidentally moved the sensor a little closer to the wheel magnet when I cleaned the bike the night before the ride. Finally, everything’s working out just fine. Now off to Timberland.

It was the usual weekend scene at Aling Tina’s (this is a landmark for all cyclists who frequent the Timberland & Shotgun trails in San Mateo). The lonely ride up “The Wall” began. I stopped at the Timberland gate to catch a breather. After a 5-minute pitstop, I resumed pedaling to the trailhead. Upon reaching the trailhead, I saw Boc, Dindo, and Rb preparing to ride. Others went ahead and we’ll have to catch up. I got my share of the load and rolled off to Sitio Aris with the rest of the group.

The group was in high spirits and was determined to achieve the day’s goal….bring the school supplies to the kids at Sitio Aris. We’ve made several stops along the way. A lot of stories were exchanged along the way. The group had to make several stops for photo-ops and plus the fact that there were newbies with us. You gotta admire the strong will of the newbies. It  was their first time to ride the trails but like us, they were also pushing themselves to the limit.

At last!!! We’ve finally arrived at our destination. We parked our bikes. At this point, the heat was getting to me. Felt so thirsty and was kinda tired. My hydration pack was almost dry. I got a Powerade from Aling Lilia’s store. Drank my Powerade and ate my granola bar. Wooohoo! Refueled!

After catching a quick breather, the group already started to ask the kids to line up. Kids patiently lined up and waited for their goodie bags. The distribution went pretty well. All you can see was these kids flashing their smiles after saying “Thank you.”  What struck me the most was when I bumped in to a parent. He goes “Alam niyo, malaking bagay yang ginagawa niyo. Napakamahal ng school supplies ngayon. Salamat.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. The ride was worth it.

After the distribution, we headed back to Pestano Breakfast Club where we had our brunch. Everyone was hungry and pedaled hurriedly to the stop. As usual, we all enjoyed the food there.

When we were done eating, we rested for awhile and went back to where we started……… Timberland Clubhouse.  Upon reaching the clubhouse, I went ahead of the pack.

Tiring but fulfilling ride. Again, thank you Boc for initiating the ride and sponsoring the goodies. Thank you GT MTB for the effort. Thank you for making me a part of memorable rides such as this.