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Last April 9, 2011 I posted in my blog the Top 3 cycling forums I frequently visit.

Here’s another good site that I would recommend to mountainbikers or cycling addicts alike.

Mountain Bike Philippines (

It’s a very informative site which features cycling events, news, reviews, and what’s going on in the mountain biking world here in the Philippines. It also boasts of cycling apparel (which I have yet to get one..he! he! he!…..btw, y’all should see the Padyak Manila jersey. It’s simply awesome!!!!) which they sell online. They can even customize team jerseys for you. Quality is great!

The site also has a Bikeshop Directory which is very useful for riders who don’t have the luxury of time to jump from one bike shop to another.

Spread the word! It’s a site worth visiting. Information highway so to speak. πŸ™‚

Have alarm clocks failed you on your scheduled activity for the day? Well, mine did. Before I slept the night before, I made sure that I set my alarm clock so that I’d wake up by 6am for my 7am ride. Alarm clock……..FAIL!!!!

My mobile phone rang at 7.30am. My ride buddy Ryan A. called me. Got awaken by the call. Damn it! I’m freakin’ late! Told the guys to start pedaling and I’ll just follow. They insisted that they’ll wait for me at our usual spot in front of our former school Marist School in Marikina Heights.

Jumped out of my bed, started preparing (morning rituals, dress up in my cycling gear). Right before I left, I had to fill my 1.5L hydration pack with water. Whoa! Mom was preparing the usual awesome power breakfast for the weekend. Fried rice, fried eggs, tapa and longganisa (from Taal, Batangas), and brewed coffee. Awesome as it may seem, I had to skip it because I was running late. Told mom I’ll have it when I come back.

Met the guys at 8:11am at the usual spot and started pedaling to our usual playground….Monterey Hills Subdivision. ‘Twas late for a morning ride (well, in our standards), but what the heck! We pedaled anyways.

Parc ferme



Here are the top 3 cycling forums I usually visit when I have time to surf the Internet. (Usually, I really do find time to surf. Hehehe.)




Last weekend, most of the cycling buddies didn’t find time to ride their bikes. Everyone had their own activities which made them unavailable for our usual weekend riding. However, I still had the urge to get up early in the morning, ride my bike and start pedaling my way through.

I rode by myself all the way to what cyclists call “Mangga” (because of the mango tree) where cyclists that rode either road bikes or mountain bikes. While pedaling on the uphill climbs of Antipolo, I kinda reminisced (again) the early days when former cycling buddies Ian & Jay (not that they’re not my buddies anymore, they’re still my bestfriends but they’re no longer into cyling anymore. Guys, c’mon! Ride na kayo ulit! hehehe!) ride during our college days. As usual, I had my handy Nokia to help me capture some shots along the way. And so the “quickie 16kms. ride began……

Flash!!!! It took me around 30 minutes from my place up to “Mangga.” Stayed there for a few minutes and headed down. The downhill was a rush. Reaping the hardwork on the uphill climbs.

The 2011 Tour of the Fireflies dubbed as Bike Revolution 2011 will be on April 17, 2011. The yearly bike event is much awaited by cyclists and cycling enthusiasts alike. Yours truly will be joining the said event together with my fellow mountain bike riders from Marist (’92 MTB CREW).

To know more about the said the event, you may visit the Firefly brigade’s official website.


The official route of TOF can be seen by clicking the link below:


Like most of the cyclists around the metro, I’m looking forward to this date. I’ll write more about this after the said event. I’m pretty sure this’ll be one heck of a ride. Rock n’ Roll no doubt!!!!!!!



Ave Maldea

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I was browsing on the Internet and found this article written by Eric S. Caruncho on the Philippine Daily Inquirer. It’s a good read and I thought of sharing it with y’all…..

In my own opinion, we should support individuals who has a true passion for building bikes.

Thumbs up to Mr. Maldea!

Salute to the author of the article. Thank you sir for making us aware.