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A trip back to Joven

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Photos
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Amidst the numerous LBS (local bike shops, a biker’s term) in the metro today, I found myself returning to the bike shop I frequent when I was in my teens and later on through my college life.

I had to have the components of my Giant Yukon Disc (the model name of the mountain bike) transferred to a MARIN Palisades Trail frame. I was feeling nostalgic when me and a trusted friend, Joel visited the place. Every corner of the shop reminded me of memories of past cycling adventures.

During BMX days, me and my buddies would troop to the store. Seeing the parts we’ve dreamed of having were already good for us back then. We would just enjoy looking at the displays. Just like in the movie Wayne’s World and just as Wayne Campbell would put it, “You will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine.”

Too bad, I wasn’t able to take pictures when I was at the shop. The batteries of my trusted mobile phones literally died.

I have yet to talk to the owner in person again. I spoke to her on the phone the day before I went to the shop just to make sure that they have a mechanic on duty during my visit. Nothing has changed. Same customer service as before. *Thumbs up*.

Here are a few pictures to show y’all the reason why I went back to Joven again………

Took this baby out for two consecutive days of riding…….

Handling was great but still have to do some fine tuning on the derailleurs.