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Last weekend, most of the cycling buddies didn’t find time to ride their bikes. Everyone had their own activities which made them unavailable for our usual weekend riding. However, I still had the urge to get up early in the morning, ride my bike and start pedaling my way through.

I rode by myself all the way to what cyclists call “Mangga” (because of the mango tree) where cyclists that rode either road bikes or mountain bikes. While pedaling on the uphill climbs of Antipolo, I kinda reminisced (again) the early days when former cycling buddies Ian & Jay (not that they’re not my buddies anymore, they’re still my bestfriends but they’re no longer into cyling anymore. Guys, c’mon! Ride na kayo ulit! hehehe!) ride during our college days. As usual, I had my handy Nokia to help me capture some shots along the way. And so the “quickie 16kms. ride began……

Flash!!!! It took me around 30 minutes from my place up to “Mangga.” Stayed there for a few minutes and headed down. The downhill was a rush. Reaping the hardwork on the uphill climbs.